Power Year

A power year includes bimonthly video calls, personalized practice and journal prompts, and unlimited email communication.


Megan Sound lives inspiration. By example. On top of that, she spreads that inspiration & encourages you to not only discover your dreams, but also realize them. I was able to experience an amazing Power Year with Megan’s guidance, insight & inspiration. It was an incredible gift. It transformed me at a time I was feeling especially stuck & paralyzed in terms of “What’s next?” & “How do I make that next thing happen?” Through her insightful questions, her non-judging responses & the way she empowers you to realize what’s important, with very actionable steps, I was able to generate great change. I took on everything with her, from self-care, to a major job shift, to morning routines, creativity, an open heart and everyday organization…all of which unlocked my perfect puzzle for what turned out to be one of my best years yet. And at the end of the Power Year, I feel like the possibilities are just beginning. Her gift keeps giving. Thank you Megan!!
— 2015-2016 Power Year Client