Do I have to wait until my birthday to start a power year?

You don’t have to wait until your birthday to start a power year. You typically begin on the day of the month that your birthday falls, but that’s not necessary. The best time to start a power year is when you’re in the midst of a transitional time in your life; maybe you've just changed jobs or have been wanting to make a career change; maybe you're newly retired and want to enjoy the process of "rewiring" instead of holding on to your working days; maybe there's a specific change you've been thinking about, but haven’t known exactly where to begin. Power Years are springboards to a version of life that’s true to you. 

I like the idea of completing a power year, but working with a personal consultant makes me feel like I can’t do things on my own. What’s the benefit of having a personal consultant guide me through the process?

Working with a personal consultant is similar to spending time with a personal trainer, nutritionist, or financial planner. A personal consultant can frame the change you want so that it feels manageable instead of impossible or overwhelming. Also, Megan is passionate about identifying and shedding light on the strengths she sees in people; many times strengths get buried and then it’s really hard to get unstuck. 

Do you work with people outside of the Denver area?

From coast to coast, video calls work. Megan highly recommends video calls rather than phone calls, because face to face check-ins offer the opportunity to be present, rather than trying to multitask.

Do you have references I can contact?

Yes. Email megan@thepoweryear.com to request.