Megan Sound

Megan Sound is a Denver based consultant, writer, and group facilitator. Sound guides individuals through the process of completing a Power Year. She uses an interdisciplinary approach and draws from her ten years experience working in the field of human services. Sound incorporates elements from her training in Council to listen and speak from the heart, which creates a space where her clients feel safe and empowered to complete a Power Year. Sound also applies principles from the field of public health to her work. Using a systems thinking approach and social ecological theory, Sound encourages her clients to make small adjustments to their routines and environment. Small changes, big impact. The ideal choice becomes the easy choice.

Megan Sound has led workshops and given presentations about the Power Year at institutions such as the Denver Art Museum and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. She values social justice and the perspective of interconnectedness. She loves living in the moment with her friends, two cats, and husband Kagen Sound.

Megan is truly gifted. Her work is insightful. I truly value her deep listening skills and acknowledgment of my needs. Megan is a trustworthy guide and gives a compassionate presence through her services. She has helped me to gain greater self-awareness by directing my focus towards practicing self-care in areas that had been neglected. Megan gives great attention and care to her clients. She creates individualized exercises and challenges. The writing assignments provided a platform for deeper exploration of my goals. Our work together also gave me clear recognition of my personal process of growth.
— 2016-2017 Power Year Client